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Computer Repair Services

Why our Computer Repair Services Amazing, and for a Good Reason ?

  • Because These Experts are Fully Qualified and Able to Solve Any Problem Related to Hardware or Software with Full Experience and Technical Advice. 
  • Our Company Offering Professional Service at a Very Attractive Price Compared to Others.
  • Hardware Genius Service Center Provide the Best Onsite With the Ability to Solve Problems on the Same Day.
  • We Provide You The Best Technicians Who Can Solve Many Other Issues With Your Computer Such as Printer, Wifi, CCTV Service, UPS etc.

Laptop Repair Service

Computer Repair Services

We have very highly skilled computer engineers who provide our best for laptop repair at home with very affordable price and reasonable time, you can call us at: +917838145219, +917042358507

Computer Repair Services

desktop repair

We have professional expert computer engineers who provide one of the best computer repair services at home with reasonable price, you can call us at: +917838145219, +917042358507.

Computer AMC Services
amc services

Hardware Genius provides AMC services for computers If there is a need for the service, we will immediately serve your computer repair service with very attractive price, you can call us at: +917838145219, +917042358507.

Online Mobile Repair
Tablet and mobile repair

Hardware Genius provide India ‘s best smart device service on-site. Our experts deliver high-speed service for online mobile repair with pretty decent price, you can call us at: +917838145219,  

CCTV Services
CCTV services

We have experienced in the field of security services to CCTV in Delhi and Delhi NCR, We provide to the best solution. If you are looking for CCTV services just call at: +917838145219,  and +918595726563.

Our Journey

In 2015 the Hardware Genius Repairing Center Began Operations in Delhi and Delhi NCR. Our Company is a Global Provider of IT Services and IT Infrastructure and a Service-Oriented Company Worldwide Renowned for Their Experience and Professionalism. Over Time Our Success Rate has Made us a Strong Leader. They Cover the Various IT Functions Across Several Product Engineering and Infrastructure Streams.

Our Business has a Strong Place for Different Supports to Include Several Applications for Computers in Global IT Services and IT Networks, Onsite Network and Server Support, Printer Support, Software and Hardware Support, Cloud Computing, and More. The Service Provided by Hardware Genius Remained Unstoppable with Strong Support and Firm Support From Our Partners and Customers, and We Deepen and Deepen Mutual Trust and Benefits in Finding and Delivering the Best Solutions for any Available Market Trend-Related Service.

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We Will Optimize Your Processes and Always Make Them Run Smoothly So You Can Step Up Your Work So You Will Achieve Success

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Our Excellent Computer Repair Services

Our Highly Qualified and Experienced Team of Professionals and Consultants is Attractive, Responsive and Guarantees Their Work

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Our Techniques for Problem Solving

Your Computer Related Technical Issues will be Handled Easily and Effectively - Be It Onsite, Remotely or by a Direct Phone Call to us.


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Frequently Asked Questions -
  • Yes, you can upgrade the RAM if it is necessary and the RAM uses more than 80 or 90 percent of the RAM, then you need to increase the RAM. The slots for DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 are different. DDR2 RAM cannot be used in DDR3. Similarly, DDR3 cannot be used in RAM DDR4. It is not upgraded this way, as its slots vary, you can only upgrade by increasing the size of the RAM, and if you want to change ddr3 to dd4, you have to change the motherboard, whose dd4 slots are present The cost of upgrading RAM is 700 to 16500 rupees depending on the model of computer. Upgrading RAM will keep your computer hanging low and speed up your computer.
  • How much you want to increase your hard disk depends on the capacity like 1tb 2tb or 4tb HDD replacement price starting from starting 3400 to 8,099 and if you want SSD replacement then its price starts from 2800 to 22000 that capacity available 240gb, 480gb, 1tb and 2tb
  • The reason for a computer slowing down is due to background process updates or viruses, less RAM, less hard drive space, or a bad hard drive. The solution is to finish the first update. Remove temporary file and add more RAM and install SSD instead of the harddisk.
Repair price depends on the laptop condition
  • Replacing the CPU fan starting price – ₹700
  • Laptop screen replacement starting price – ₹2200
  • For replacing laptop hinges and jack starting price – ₹750
  • Charging port repair price starting – ₹900
  • Motherboard repair by chip level starting at – ₹1500
  • Hardware troubleshoot starting price – ₹399
  • HDD repair and replacement starting price – ₹2000
  • Laptop body replacement cost starting at -₹1700
  • Keypad replacement starting price – ₹1100
  • Battery replacement price starting at – ₹1200
  • Adaptor replacement price starting at – ₹800
  • The time of diagnosis will depend on the condition of the laptop. If there is a major computer problem, it will take 1 to 2 days and if there is a common problem, it will be fixed in the customer’s home/office on the same day
  • It depends on the size of the laptop screen and its normal value starts at ₹2500.
  • This problem occurs due to abnormal shutdown and software corrupt or any hardware malfunction, for the cause of, RAM CPU hard drive GPU check CPU clock and update drivers.
  • Enter safe mode and clean temp files and cache files
  • Download paid antivirus install
  • Then run and scan all files
  • And delete viruses.
  • With the help of CPU fan and heat sink, the processor remains cold when either of the two faults occurs, the problem of overheating begins and the computer shuts down immediately, which can also corrupt Windows. we solve this issue by clean CPU fan and applying the thermal paste on the processor.
  • Sometimes some keypad buttons do not work due to keypad malfunction, then cleaning it fixes the keypad. If the problem is not resolved, there is a problem in the circuit inside the keypad. In this case, we replace that keypad.
  • When your laptop’s touchpad does not work, first of all, you see that you have not inadvertently disabled your touchpad, so now you can Window + R then type main.cpl then OK and then enable it if the touchpad is disabled. if the touchpad still doesn’t work so you can call us at 7838145219, 7042358507.
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